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Cancer treatment

Cancer Treatment

Most organs are susceptible to develop cancer. Natural herb treatment for Cancer is based on the type and stage of cancer and on the patient’s overall health, as well as, the size and quantity of the blocks or tumors, and the spread of cancer cells to other organs. Moreover, it depends on the patient’s age, weight and current health state; therefore, the treatment of breast cancer differs from the treatment of lung, liver, colon, bone or other cancers. Natural herb treatment of Hekma Center changes according to each pathological condition. Children for example, need different therapy in comparison to adults or the elderly.

Early diagnosis is also very important and can accelerate healing process. advanced stages of cancer negatively affects the immune system, eating habits and movement of the patient whether he underwent chemotherapy and radiation or not.

We urge you to send your medical reports, laboratory tests and diagnosis, so that we can prescribe an appropriate individual treatment plan for you. In Hekma Center, we can offer various treatments consisting of 100% natural herbs with an appropriate diet and some tips for a healthy lifestyle in order to help our patients overcome their illness and gain full recovery.

You can contact us via e-mail, phone or fill an application for private consultation to get an appropriate treatment plan. Do not forget to send your medical reports and recent blood tests and details about your health condition. We keep in touch with our patients until they gain full recovery and afterwards.

For questions and consultation, please contact us on our international numbers: Tel: 0044-8000608557 \ 0097246352753, or E-mail us at

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